Marga & Kris Kemist recently recorded a BIG TUNE for Scottish label Mighty Oak, entitled “Sail On”, which is out now on 7″ vinyl, produced by Jofis.

Mighty Oak wrote the following:

“Mighty Oak are Jofis/Joseph Robertson and Benjamin Young, we grew up together in a community based on a school of self-knowledge, at Chisholme House in the hills of the Scottish Borders. ( In our teens along with local friends we built a big tree house hidden in the woods of the Chisholme grounds, which became a very creative space full of music and art, jamming, drum sessions, painting. We had some amazing times there, formative years. (no pictures sadly) On rotation in the treehouse was a compilation tape by Desta*Nation sound from Oxford. Ben and me both would visit friends there during the summer and both fell in love with reggae by going to Desta’s wicked soundsystem parties on Portmeadow. We ran our own little reggae dances in Edinburgh in the 90’s. We’re looking to start there again, though finding a venue in Edinburgh isn’t easy and the scene is small. But it seems full of potential and the vibe is good. Edinburgh’s a great city. Jofis: My early production was pretty experimental, partly cos as well as dub I’m into a wide spectrum of electronic music, but also cos I couldn’t get into a good flow with my early software (Cubase). Once I got Ableton I found the UI more friendly and reggae was easier to produce. Spending half my life in the Scottish Borders I’ve been pretty isolated from the reggae community! Hard to meet a good roots vocalist around here to say the least. I stumbled across Alpha & Omega’s remix page on their website, and tried a complete rework of The Eagle the Dragon and the Bear vocal, which John Alpha liked. So I used Kickstarter to raise funds for the pressing (, which went great, I was actually pretty moved by people’s support, especially strangers from all over the world. I see how special and supportive the reggae community is. I found Marga through Kris at Reality Shock and I’m full of praise for them both. Very sound people. Kris suggested Marga to voice my new riddim. I love Marga’s style and flow, a wicked and unique ‘singjay’ style of his own I’d say, with conscious lyrics.”

The new 7″ is available now from