Keep Our Music Alive

Keep Our Music Alive

Reality Shock Records & Brexit

We don’t like to get too political here at Reality Shock Records, but the new post-Brexit rules on musicians and travel are pretty worrying to us — and we know we’re not alone. Being able to tour and play at festivals across Europe is a key part of what we do, and in pre-Brexit and pre-Covid times our artists were in demand at clubs and festivals across Europe, with bookings every weekend. Festivals such as Rototom Sunsplash (Spain), Summerjam (Germany), Outlook (Croatia), Uprising (Slovakia), Dour Festival (Belgium) are just some of the annual highlights of our professional calendar, and an important opportunity to showcase the work of Reality Shock Records’ talented artists.

Unfortunately, musicians and performers seem to have been overlooked by the government in their Brexit negotiations. The new rules mean that touring musicians will now need to make sure they have a whole range of paperwork and documentation in place before they can travel, much of which
may be costly, such as additional insurance and visas. They will also have to follow the guidance on work permits, which may differ depending on the country they plan to visit.

The good news is that musicians and performers are campaigning to find a solution. If you want to get involved, you might consider signing this petition asking the government to introduce a musicians’ passport, or this one which asks the government to debate the introduction of a work permit for touring musicians. You could also use one of these template letters to write to your MP, or to the Prime Minister directly.

(Article written by Jessica Adler for Reality Shock Records)