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Kris Kemist (Reality Shock Founder & M.D.)

Reality Shock is a UK based record label, studio and booking agency representing several of the UK’s leading reggae artists. Founded by Kris Kemist in 2003, the Reality Shock family has rapidly grown from strength to strength, spreading the musical message across the globe and gaining an international reputation as a musical force to be reckoned with…


The foundation for Reality Shock was building long before the label’s launch. As a young teenager, Kris Kemist began collecting reggae records and moving with a local soundsystem ‘Psalms 1 Sound’ in Reading, England. As some people may know Reading is a small town with a large Caribbean community and a rich reggae history.

During the 1980’s and 90’s, Reading was full of sound systems and artists as reggae music was at its peak in the UK. Reading’s world famous community centre ‘Central Youth Provision’ saw performances from just about every soundsystem and artist from both Jamaica and the UK. Sadly, the club lost it’s entertainment license in the late 90s and, as was the case across most of England, the council went about shutting down just about every venue where sound systems could string up and play.

Despite these set backs, many sounds, artists and producers remained in and around Reading, although many of them much less active than in previous years. Working with Psalms 1 Sound, the young Kris Kemist became good friends with many of them…

“There was so much talent in Reading.. artists like Mikey Murka, Deadly Hunta, Prince Livijah, Aqua Livi and many more.. they really inspired me to start making music.”

Still living at his Mum’s house, Kemist began to study music production and build riddims, recording with local artists in his small bedroom studio. The family vibes grew from strength to strength and artists followed artists. Eventually some established names came on board such as Errol Bellot and Afrikan Simba, who were a great support in the founding of Reality Shock.

The vibes in the studio was like a magnet, attracting all the right people at the right times, whilst at the same time repelling any negative forces that inevitably came around.”

As the family grew stronger, supporters began to appear from every direction, both locally and (thanks to the net) internationally too: Ring The Alarm, Reuben Addis, Jah Deal, Ben Sounsty, Stout System, Neeko, Dub Soljah, JAHNO, System Failure, Christian Cowlin, Members of the early Versionist riddim community, General Smiley and too many more to mention!

With a solid foundation in place, the logical next step was to set up a label and start releasing some records. In 2004 Reality Shock was born and the rest is history…

Since then, Reality Shock has established itself worldwide, producing a string of successful releases and working with some of the most respected names in the business. The artists have each seen success, having touched every corner of the globe spreading the musical message, working both on ‘Reality Shock Sound’ and with the resident ‘Upper Cut Band’.

Reality Shock continues to grow from strength to strength as a family and a musical movement, on a mission to entertain, educate and inspire. Give thanks to everyone who has supported Reality Shock over the years and made it what it is today.

One Blessed Love

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